Do we have Cheap Fixie Bikes for sale?

We here at BikesTango have been asked this question for a long time and we are happy to announce that not only do we have fixed gears bikes now, but we carry a great deal of them and we have plenty of cheap fixie bikes for sale.

What Makes Fixie Bikes so Great?

This is actually debated and contested by many people. There are a lot of people who absolutely despise fixed gear bicycles while others adore them and do nothing but record videos of themselves and upload them to YouTube.

What people tend to hate about fixies is the absence of the freewheel, meaning that you are not able to coast on this bike as you would with a beach cruiser, road bike, mountain bikes or BMX. Instead, you must move the pedals forward in order for the bike to move forward. If you are going downhill, it makes for a very terrifying, and exhilarating experience, depending on which side of the coin you land on.

What people love about fixies is that the absence of the freewheel, gears, brakes, etc. is that you are one with your machine and everything is dependent on the operator. If you want to speed up, you naturally spin faster, rather than using gears to help. If you want to brake, you need to use your legs to resist that spinning motion forward. You are the machine, in essence.

Should I buy Cheap Fixie Bikes for Sale?

This answer is completely dependent on the rider. For a beginner, we don’t recommend it because it means that you haven’t had time to get adjusted to the balance of a bicycle long enough to be able to handle all that a fixie can throw at you. What you should also consider, though, is that if you are too used to riding on a traditional bicycle, it will take time to unlearn your old habits and that’s not a good thing either.

If the prospect of no brakes is scary for you, there are models that we have that have the front brake. This should be used with caution as you’re probably aware that going downhill and using a front brake can cause you to flip over.

If you have a sense of adventure, as shown in the video above, then great, you should consider buying one and getting into the culture. That being said, it doesn’t only have to be for the ‘cool kids’. Fixies are an excellent source of training for races as they do not come with gears, so when the rider will have gears in his or her race, they can have an advantage. This is relative to those who train at high-altitudes and then perform better than they would have on sea-level.

If this sounds like you, getting cheap fixie bikes for sale is a no-brainer.

Visit our Fixed-Gear Bikes category in our shop to find the perfect model for you.

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